Avoid making these classic website design errors

One of the first mistakes often made in web design is to skimp on the planning. The way the website looks, feels, responds and the length of time it takes to load are all crucial elements that can determine whether a visitor stays to browse your pages or clicks away. Here are some of the pitfalls to avoid.

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Colour and space

Colour helps to define the image you want to convey for your site. Choose your scheme carefully – should the colours be complementary or contrasting? Pastel or bold? Whichever you choose, keep it consistent.

Minimalism is the favoured style of the moment. The busy, tiled backgrounds of the early 2000s have fallen out of fashion in favour of clean, white spaces that help the visitor to focus on the content. Contrasting fonts draw the eye more effectively, which is especially important when designing for small mobile screens.

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User friendliness

It may be tempting to try out a new gimmick or trick that may look cool on your website, but spare a thought for those who will be using it. Pop-ups and automatically playing music and videos can end up being less of a feature and more of an annoyance, turning visitors away. The same can be said for smoothness of the browsing experience – make sure your website layout and all interactive areas and buttons are intuitive.

Responsiveness and load time

With so many different devices out there, it is important to make sure that your site works on laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Changes to layout and interactivity are needed to ensure your site works just as smoothly on any device.

Load time is a critical factor in retaining visitors – so critical that Google factors in load time when ranking websites. The longer the load time, the fewer hits the site will receive.

Pulling all these factors together to make a successful website can be difficult for inexperienced designers. If you are based in the capital, a web development company in London such as https://www.redsnapper.net/web-development-services-london can ensure your site is optimised.

Whether you are looking for a designer or are working independently, these key points will help to create a welcoming website that is pleasing on the eye, easy to use, and will have your visitors returning.

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