A Variety of Nickel Alloys

Nickel composites are manufactured through electroplating of nickel to another metal, usually aluminium or tin. These days the most commonly used substances in the making of these composites are nickel and cobalt, though gold and platinum are also used. It is possible to produce a high quality design with nickel composites and this material can be used for manufacturing aeroplane airframes, rocket bodies, satellites, missile components, aircraft doors, tank coatings etc. These are all made using nickel composites, which have very high compression strength and hence they are very tough to compression. A firm like Poeton’s knows this business inside and out.

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The nickel-compounds are prepared by taking a nickel electrode, electrically charged and non-magnetized, and passing it through a solution containing the nickel trioxide. This produces nickel oxyhydroxide, which is then further modified with oxygen or nitrogen and other elements. After the preparation, the alloy is then formed by combining the powder with other oxides and salts of the same composition. The mixed Nickel composition gives a highly stiff and hard material that has high compressive strength.

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The nickel composites are widely used for a variety of purposes in a wide range of industries. The flexibility and strength of these materials make them highly useful for a variety of applications in industries. They can withstand extreme heat, abrasion, compression and high temperatures and are ideal for high performance military applications.


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