Application of GPS Units

GPS units are becoming more popular among users as it has a subtle blend of entertainment and GPS capabilities as never before. Today there are GPS systems specifically for cars and boats; and for leisure activities like fishing, hunting and camping; and there are even activities exclusively developed using GPS technology. With an attractive array of options, GPS is indeed a valuable asset to your list of gadgets and widgets.

The inspiration for the scientists to design this system came from German radio technology, which was applied for the accurate landing of guide planes in poor visibility and adverse weather conditions. GPS technology is thus roughly based on radio technology, which guided the planes by programming two radio towers to different sound signals and when the two sounds appeared like a single sound, pilots would attempt a landing.

Application of GPS Units

The underlying principle of GPS technology also makes use of multiple signals that merge on one single point. GPS units employ multiple satellites to record the details of a GPS receiver, which makes it particularly useful in outdoor sporting, boating, or traveling.


Geocaching is a relatively new entrant into the category of games and is treasure adventure game, which was developed only at the turn of this century. Here, the player can make use of his GPS unit to track a specific location where a treasure box is kept. The game is played online and the interested gamers can go to any geocaching website to select the location to start the hunt. Once the location is chosen, he should input the coordinates into his GPS unit. As most GPS units would take the players to as close as 100 feet of the target, the players can easily dig out the geocaching box by using the compass feature of his GPS unit.

The geocaching box game offers attractive prizes for the winners and the log helps to record the winners’ names; this game is ideal for multiple players as well. The prizes might vary and some boxes store a surprise for the players by asking a player to swap his gift with another. The host company should be contacted when the last prize is bagged by a player. It is a free game that could be enjoyed by all age groups and it merges technology with outdoor adventure in an innovative manner.

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