AVI to DVD Burner

The short form of AVI is the initial for Audio Video Interleave. This burner is designed to do the converting from AVI to DVD. AVI DVD Burner is a one-click professional DVD producer for AVI movies. This burner can convert AVI format movie into DVD format and burn it to DVDR disc in one step. It can start burning after conversion of AVI to DVD automatically with built-in DVD writer. AVI DVD Burner can maintain the quality of AVI movie. For the AVI, which has AC3 audio track, it can give you the same audio quality like original DVD by using direct AC3 technology. By setting the start time and end time of the movie, one can choose the part of interest of the movie to burn into DVD as collection. Using AVI DVD Burner, one can experience the better feeling of watching movie on TV than on computer. 

Main features of AVI DVD Burner: It is a one click professional DVD maker for AVI movies. By making use of AVI DVD Burner, you can convert AVI movie files into VOB format and burn into DVD easily. These Burners have high quality of conversion with the use of advanced video encoder, AVI DVD Burner will give maximum retain the quality of AVI movie and it has high audio quality. By using direct AC3 technology, AVI DVD Burner will give you the same audio quality as the original DVD if the AVI has AC3 audio track. With the arrangement of built in DVD writer, AVI DVD Burner will start burning after conversion automatically. This Burner can convert part of one AVI file according to the desired start position, end position and length. These burners have ability to combine several AVI files into one DVD.

AVI to DVD Burner

An AVI DVD Burner can play the movie file in the preview window. This is an effective way of assistance to movie file conversion and DVD burning. Making use of this function, one can choose the part of interest by setting the start time and end time of the movie. The subtitle of AVI movies can be converted and burned into DVD by AVI DVD Burner can be displayed. The PC can be shut down automatically if you choose the option of AVI DVD Burner. It supports the making of ISO files.

Nowadays different models of AVI to DVD Burners are available in market. One can get more information about these burners in the internet. By searching in the net one can get better idea about the features of burners.

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