Why you should consider a same day courier

Same Day Courier Slough businesses such as https://www.uk-tdl.com/same-day-delivery.html work across the country making sure that packages of all shapes and sizes are delivered on time. There are some very important reasons as to why you should consider using a same day courier. Image Credit It really does mean the same day – packages are collected … [Read more…]

Industrial shelving for warehouses

The main purpose of the warehouse is to store goods. They are a unique environment in which the storage and shelf facilities are paramount. The warehouse has distinctive needs in terms of maximizing space for storage purposes and storage must be strong, heavy duty and highly reliable. Image credit For this type of environment, industrial … [Read more…]

Unique ways to make money

Most of us would not say no to a bit of extra money. Besides the regular work day, what ways are there to legitimately earn extra money? Here are some ideas that are unusual or unique to make some extra dosh: Take part in a clinical trial Doing your bit for science and humanity can … [Read more…]

Deciding on the right demolition company

For those seeking the demolition of a property, a top reason is to get rid of an existing structure to rebuild a new property. It is imperative that a qualified and experienced demolition company is hired. It’s not always clear what we should be looking for. The following are some tips for consideration: Do they … [Read more…]

Thinking of renting a van? What you need to know

People are often nervous about renting a van, perhaps worried about the cost or whether it would be difficult to drive. Who can drive a van? The legal bit – any adult with a UK driving licence category B can drive a car or van of a weight no bigger than 3500kg that carries a … [Read more…]

The times when you might you need a professional civil engineer

Over the past few decades, property prices have continued to rise. Even now, after all the uncertainty of Brexit, mortgage lenders are reporting that house prises are again rising at a rate of knots. All of this is good news for homeowners looking to make a profit and also encourages people to invest in their … [Read more…]

What is an industrial valve?

When designing any kind of system, the use of valves within the construction allows the flow of liquids or gases to be controlled effectively and safely. This makes the processes within the system measurable, replicable and efficient. Image Credit As the UK manufacturing sector recovered from a range of setbacks including the credit crunch, global … [Read more…]

Is there a shortage in warehouse availability

As an existing warehouse owner or someone who is on the lookout for new premises, you’ll no doubt agree that there is a significant shortage of suitable storage space within the industry at present. So why is there a distinct lack of property and what can you do to get around this? Image Credit Principle … [Read more…]

Industry Trends That HVAC Installers Should Be Aware Of

Technology changes fast, and the HVAC industry is no exception. Many of the current trends are driven by legislation driving the need for more efficiency and changing the chemicals that can be employed. Image Credit Changing Refrigerants One of the big changes facing the industry at the moment is the phasing out of the R22 … [Read more…]

The positives and negatives of investing in buy to let properties

There is obvious appeal in buying a property to rent and for many people, this is considered a great way to create regular and additional income. Image Credit Good properties to rent are in high demand and as with all property, the value will increase over time. However, there are things to consider before investing. … [Read more…]