How your Central Heating Works

We are fortunate to live in a world where when the weather turns cooler, we simply flick a switch to keep our homes warm. Most of the time we never give a second thought to our central heating systems, and when they break down, we simply call a professional such as this boiler repair Cheltenham … [Read more…]

What do we use tapping machines for?

The answer to that is so many things. A tapping machine is a device that reportedly punches holes into a surface or substance for the purposes of industrial and commercial use. That is just a very simple description there are a myriad of uses for the tapping machine varying from the large scale industry to … [Read more…]

What are the advantages of electroless plating for industry?

Before the introduction of electroless plating, the use of electricity was common practice for nickel plating metal. However, it isn’t without issue and can cause inconsistent coverage and irregular thickness. Thankfully, these are no longer issues with electroless nickel plating. Here are some further benefits: Plating can be tailored to match the exact requirements of … [Read more…]

Make Sure that your Laboratory Move is a Success

Moving to a new workplace can always pose a lot of problems and cause stress, but when handled well it doesn’t need to be like this! The key to a successful move is good planning, and one of the most challenging workplaces to move is a laboratory – as well as the usual moving hurdles … [Read more…]

Silicone is all around us

Silicones are a family of substances that are very diverse, high-performance materials. Silicon is found in all areas of our economy, including construction, manufacturing, automotive, medical, personal care, electronics, transportation and aerospace. Silicone is so widely used because it offers many benefits to the products it is are used in. Silicones offers great flexibility, resistance … [Read more…]

These are the most expensive domain names in the world

A domain name is key to your business looking professional, being found on search engines and being recognisable. It also needs to be memorable and easy to search by keyword. For example, a car dealership would most likely want the words ‘motor’ or ‘car’ in their domain name. Image Credit Most businesses or individuals will … [Read more…]

Signs of a Broken Boiler

The first tell-tale indication of a broken boiler is usually the appearance of loud bangs and whistling noises coming from your hot water heater. This will be accompanied by a steam whistle and loud humming sound as well. The same sounds are produced when a water pump breaks down or the hot water boiler malfunctions. … [Read more…]

Do I need a Generator?

When it comes to looking for generators, there are so many different models that there is bound to be one that suits your needs the best. The first thing that you need to decide when considering buying a generator is whether you need a portable or a stationary unit. If you don’t need to have … [Read more…]

For the Linux Foundation the purchase of GitHub by Microsoft is good news for open source

Last week, the news that caught our attention was undoubtedly the purchase of GitHub by Microsoft for the not insignificant figure of 7,500 million dollars . And the other thing that also caught the attention was the reaction of the open source community, a lot of skepticism, thousands of repositories being moved to GitLab and concerns about the future of the reference … [Read more…]