Dolby delves into the world of headphones to watch TV with the Dimension wireless model

We usually recognize the company Dolby for its sound systems for cinema and home cinema , for its audio codecs, certifications and lately for also entering the world of the image with systems like Dolby Vision. However, now the brand seems to want to also enter the manufacture of devices and they will do it for everything great with the … [Read more…]

Small Businesses Use the Cloud to Gain an Edge

Cloud computing is a disruptive technology that has shaped virtually every industry to some degree. Companies of all shapes and sizes have been benefited from the cloud. However, recent studies have shown that cloud technology has helped small businesses more than their larger counterparts. There are a number of reasons that small businesses benefit from … [Read more…]

Ways Your Mac’s Security is Different from a PC

Mac and PC users often debate which system is better. These debates tend to center around the layout and UI each system provides. However, few people talk about the security differences between the two. As a Mac user, you will need to be aware of the unique challenges that you face to guard against them. … [Read more…]

Recover Your Computer Data From the Crashed Hard Disk Drive

Most computer customers think that once their hard disk drives have crashed, that’s the finish of the information. I’m here to inspire you that the data could be retrieved. Everything is dependent around the extent of harm around the hard disk drive however your data could be retrieved. Here’s the best way to recover your … [Read more…]

Content marketing is the best strategy

Have you recently launched a new product or service? Launching a new product for your consumers is a really good thing because consumers need new products that can help them make their lives easier, but it is also very important for you to market the product in the right way because only the right kind … [Read more…]


There are many ways to promote your business but nothing works better than online marketing where you can reach millions of people across the planet. Hence, many business people today go for online promotions and marketing where they can get maximum attention of the audiences. Many new entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their new … [Read more…]

AVI to DVD Burner

The short form of AVI is the initial for Audio Video Interleave. This burner is designed to do the converting from AVI to DVD. AVI DVD Burner is a one-click professional DVD producer for AVI movies. This burner can convert AVI format movie into DVD format and burn it to DVDR disc in one step. … [Read more…]