How to Protect Your Android “HummingBad”

We protect your Android keys to the threat of “HummingBad” the new malware that is affecting millions of devices. This week we knew the disturbing report of the security company “Check Point” about the growing threat “HummingBad”, a Chinese malware that is spreading like lightning and already reaches 10 million infected devices. Let’s see how … [Read more…]

Buying Mobile and Tab Accessories: A Few Tips

Smartphones and tabs are the latest necessity quotient more than just style quotient. They are used on daily basis by millions of people across the world for different reasons. Communication, entertainment (games, movies, music), social media, networking, surfing, and what not! Today’s human has almost become a slave of this crazy gadget. You can think of … [Read more…]

Biosphere Technology – The Green Solution of the Future

Biosphere engineering is the arrangement of tomorrow made accessible today. It includes forefront gasification methodologies to change over strong squanders into electric force. It is advanced as in it can surpass the proficiency of current tan vitality sources while in the meantime likewise surpassing the environmental benevolence of today’s efficient power vitality sources. It is … [Read more…]