How to Use AI to Gather Data and Analyse it

If you have an interest in what is called Deep Learning then you have probably heard about the new phenomenon of using artificial intelligence to gather data and then analyse it. Of course this doesn’t mean that all you do is programme a robot to think and then sit back and collect the results. This is still very much a science that has yet to be fully understood. We already have programmes in our cars that can parallel park, tell you directions and even pick up orders and deliver them by drone!

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Another application that is often cited is a new program called the Face Bot. The developers of this program say it is able to recognise human characteristics in images and then determine the emotion behind them. They claim that their programme is able to tell whether a person is happy, sad, angry, or even scared. While this seems like science fiction and more testing needs to be done before this becomes a mainstream product, it is a definite possibility in the future. For analysing business data using AI, consider ai accelerated analytics from a site like Brytlyt

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There are many applications that we are just now starting to see in the world that we use every day. We have already seen applications for recognising certain objects and recognising speech. Now it seems that there is a good chance that we will soon be able to recognise individuals by their face. This will allow us to automatically rate a person based on their appearance. This could really help in security measures.

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