Signs of a Broken Boiler

The first tell-tale indication of a broken boiler is usually the appearance of loud bangs and whistling noises coming from your hot water heater. This will be accompanied by a steam whistle and loud humming sound as well. The same sounds are produced when a water pump breaks down or the hot water boiler malfunctions. Whistling and clicking too often in your water heater can mean that there’s some limescale or mineral build-up built up in your hot water heater tank. Keep in mind that a small leak can often signal that your hot water boiler has reached the end of its lifespan. For New Boiler Costs, visit a site like

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The second sign of a busted boiler is a gradual increase in the amount of water and steam that goes through your machine. This will eventually lead to a loss of efficiency and a malfunction in your heater. You may have noticed that your boiler keeps on running at a lower temperature than before. This is another sign that something has gone wrong with the machine. The problem is that your heater is no longer working at full capacity. If you notice a steady decrease in the temperature of the water, it means that you are running at lower than recommended settings and you need to lower them immediately. Your boiler will eventually shut down because it cannot keep up with the demand of using it.

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These are the most common signs of a broken boiler but there are many other possible signs that are just as important to look out for. If you keep seeing these symptoms, be sure to contact your local repair company as soon as possible.

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