The 5 basic principles of marketing and why you need it.

If you have a service, product or even yourself you need to sell it. It’s a harsh reality of the modern world if you like but there is no denying that its truism that we can’t ignore. It might be an idea then to learn what the basic principles of marketing are. A marketing agency can be a big help if you do have the need for a professional approach. It is a good idea to have a look at the basic principles of marketing; you may be able to apply some of them to your own “brand”. For example Gloucester Estate Agents are prime examples of people do it well and certainly know the following.

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  1. Know the market that you’re after. Getting the target and hitting it is naturally essential. Get this wrong and you will be trying to sell something to someone who doesn’t want it. A good place to start is to see where you competitors are aiming their marketing at, if you can find out. It’s not case of simply matching what they are doing. The trick is to see what they are not saying to the customers that you can provide with your product or service. Everyone will tell you about Demographics. These are vital to you understanding where you need to focus your marketing. If you have a product or service that appeals to the older generation then that is where the appearance of the advertising needs to be.
  2. Get new customers and turn them into returning ones. The subject of your marketing should be about getting the new customer s to come back to you and stay. This means you really need to bring the focus of the marketing to the target audience. Look at what the product is and how it can serve the customer over a long period.

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  1. Get the customer involved. If its service offer to illustrate it. You can gain some insight into the customer needs at the same time. Be on line updating and informing potential customers of the value of the service/product or what you yourself can provide.
  2. Keep looking for prospects and get to them as soon as you can. The more you grow the business the more connections you will need. Marketing doesn’t stop or sleep; you should be planning your next campaign half way through the execution of the old one. The next big client is always just around the corner.
  3. Finally, build relationships. Trust is massive in any business. It can take years to make any only a few days to destroy. Try to make sure that your prospects don’t forget you. It’s easy to say to “make your marketing stand out”, but it you must try as this will really make a difference. Quick example I had a seller come to me and they wore a bright Hawaiian shirt. I didn’t use the product the first time but I always remembered them and when it became appropriate to my range I gave them a call.


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