The thin red line between personal social networks and work

We’ve talked on occasion about the misuse of social networking in the workplace. Or, when they are used as tools to spread a company, product or service in a wrong way, or rather when even they are not used, the importance of monitoring them

But the present case is the misuse by the worker when you mix your personal life with the professional in Facebook, Twitter or any other channel. These behaviors can harm both the company and the employee. There are precedents, workers fired for this behavior in 2016 but continue to see this bad habit.

The thin red line between personal social networks and workThe thin red line between what private day means today and what is not hardly noticeable by some people who confuse share some aspect of their life person “just friends” on a social network. Private should not leave our environment and honor its significance.

Social networks are not exactly synonymous with intimacy and privacy.

The positive side of this was where sharing is the most pronounced verb, comes from the hand of new businesses that have led to the literal sense the idea that there is greater confidence in the sharing (car, home, etc.) , as to offer a product slogan.

The problem comes when the company for which you work needs to be present on the network, but in a moderate and consistent manner. A good strategy can be removed if one of your workers, considers that mix work and personal life is necessary or interesting to your followers. Nothing is further from reality.

Find a person who works for an organization that you find attractive and when you open your profile, snared with a parade of photos with more typical of a pop singer poses, it is far less shocking and unnecessary.

Is doing disservice to your company and vice versa. Something as simple as not shown on the Internet would not do what the street is the maxim that all who have an account should follow.

Especially if we add to our name, the place where we work, which does not fit the content we share. A dismissal may be the least happy ending to these unprofessional behavior.

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