Twitter seeks to attract artists, and begin to share the benefits generated videos

Twitter wants to compete with Facebook and YouTube in video content, and this afternoon has made official a number of new tools for developers who want to bet on their social network, they can be uploaded, manage and publish multimedia content more easily.

They have also announced new steps in monetizing content with those who hope be more palatable to the creators. This monetization will be implemented through Twitter Amplify Publisher Program that until now was only available for companies. Unfortunately at the moment this feature is only available for approved in the United States creators.

Twitter seeks to attract artists, and begin to share the benefits generated videosOne of the essential steps for any social network that wants to keep growing is to provide content that interest users, and it is important to have motivated and give all possible facilities to the creators. This just seems to be the direction that Twitter wants to try to overcome its stagnation in recent months.

In search of lost content

From now Media Studio will replace the web of desktop destination for those seeking tools for publishing videos, images and GIFs. With this website you can manage multimedia content with a new library, capabilities to schedule tweets and also controls access to and exchange of information between multiple accounts will be added.

On the issue of sharing the advertising revenue generated by the videos with the creators, Twitter did not want to talk about numbers. Still, insiders have told a CNBC it intends to offer up to 70% of the profits , a large sum compared with 50% who are offering Facebook or YouTube.

Unfortunately, at the moment this system only will be opened to certain US creators, so presumably that will be implemented progressively in the rest of the world. While this happens, Twitter recommends using niche, platform acquired last year for the rest of us to remunerate our content.

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