Vehicle tracking and improved driver safety

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A Vehicle Tracking System is often thought of as being a way in which companies can keep an eye on how and when their vehicles are being used and whilst this is the case they provide so much more than that.

As well as reporting to companies on usage the systems also allow for real time data for the driver such as traffic updates, estimated times of arrival at their destinations and other performance related data that can help to improve safety. The systems can monitor driving speed and the amount of time that your drivers have spent on the road, this in turn makes the drivers more aware of their driving habits as well as their own wellbeing. This therefore has a positive impact on driver safety.

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Insurance companies often give a discount to those companies and drivers that have vehicle tracking systems put in place as in the event of an accident they have access to data that can help to identify who is responsible for the incident which makes insurance claims easier to defend or finalise claims against. With minimal time needed from your company to set up and monitor these systems they really are worth investigating if you have teams for drivers or work vehicles.

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