What is a Cyber Incident Response Plan?

A cyber incident response plan is a way to help companies and organisations protect themselves against external threats. This talk of a cyber incident response plan goes hand in hand with the ongoing discussion about cyber crime and its many different forms, and how we can best protect ourselves and our companies from these external threats. For help from Cyber security Risk Management, visit JMP Cyber

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The cyber-incident plan will be used to alert agencies of the potential intrusion before it takes place. Once an actual attack occurs, then a plan will be put into place to deal with the damage done, both financially and to the reputation of the company or organization. Often a cyber incident report will be sent to the police, giving them time to investigate the potential source of the attack and determine if any crimes have been committed.

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One of the main goals of the cyber incident response plan is to make sure that sensitive information that has been stolen is recovered. If the data is recovered, it needs to be securely removed so that it cannot be used against the company or the public. The plan will also provide technical support for the company during the process, as well as steps to take if any customers or other contacts that have been affected by the cyber incident. The goal is to provide a safe environment for the general public when dealing with data that has been compromised.

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