5 tips for a high-impact POS display

To create engaging customer experiences at the point of sale, you need to use the right message, present it on the right medium and capture and analyse the right data to optimise what you’re doing. Here are five tips to help you create powerful POS displays.

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Know who your customer is, and talk to them in a way that shows you get them. Use colours and text and images that show you know what they like and what they need. For example, say something is for “flavour lovers” instead of just stating the flavour.


Getting customers involved in the POS is a great way to ease frustrations about time spent queuing and to capture data for an ongoing relationship. Using augmented reality displays that customers can interact with using their mobile devices or showing short-cuts like QR codes to video content are just some of the interactive ideas you could integrate into your POS.

According to Customer Think, POS technology can boost customer loyalty.

Digital touchpoints

Using touch screens and digital signage are fantastic ways to boost the visibility and impact of your POS. With systems such as Mood Media’s digital signage, you can promote products, provide information and entertain your customers with branded content moodmedia.co.uk/digital-signage-solutions.

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Digital screens can help you capture customer data such as email addresses so you can keep in touch and encourage a more valuable long-term relationship

Add on

At the point of sale, it makes sense to try to encourage customers to add things on to the items they already intend to purchase. If they’ve already bought a sandwich for lunch, they could add on an afternoon snack. If they’ve already bought some trainers, they could add on a pair of new socks. Think systematically about how you could break up your POS to funnel customers buying similar products to particular checkout areas where you could promote particularly relevant add-ons.


Complement digital touchpoint with printed takeaway information, which includes links to your online presence. If a customer takes away a printed leaflet as well as a purchase they’re happy with, they could pass it on to encourage a potential new customer to come to your shop.

How can you use these tips to make your POS a more powerful marketing tool?