A truly global industry

Transportation and logistics – it’s all about moving goods. Goods can be humans and animals or parcels and services. Without logistics and transportation, we would not go on vacation, we would not get our post and we would not get to work in the morning! OK maybe we could live without the latter – but you get the picture! Transportation and logistics are big issues. Because everyone and every industry is affected by such things, there are a large number of career opportunities in this vast and diverse sector.

Transportation largely applies to the movement of people and logistics is the movement of goods. This is far more complicated than just moving goods using road, sea, rail or air – it also involves supply, demand, distribution and procurement management as well. Before things are transported to the other side of the planet – decisions are being made about planning and this is where careers in the supply chain, procurement, and shipping management emerge.

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Before transportation takes place, this ‘thing’ needs to be stored somewhere and this is where we introduce the next layer, in the form of a cooperative warehouse and storage and inventory management. Huge warehouses full of racking and conveyors help to ensure that the right goods are available and in the right place before the company goes to export and ship orders. For more information on a range of Telescopic Conveyors, visit https://fmhconveyors.com/products/telescopic-conveyors/

Inventory management is very important because companies don’t want to take orders, only to later find out they don’t have goods in inventory!

For the transportation of these goods, trade routes, railways and highways must all be planned and organized before the route can be built and this is where we introduce transportation planning and management into the mix. As you might appreciate now, the transportation and logistics industry is huge and involves lots of people from all over the world. And it doesn’t stop there …

All of these operations rely on many vehicles, infrastructure and machinery so transportation engineers and technicians are needed to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. Companies can only remain profitable if they reach their targets and operate efficiently. After all this has happened, the chain continues with men and women on the ground, for example, truck drivers, couriers, train drivers, postmen and women etc. These are the troops that physically get goods to the destination needed and are at the heart of the industry. They are the friendly face of transportation and logistics.

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As you can now appreciate, there are more than a few different career choices in this huge global movement industry. Nobody dreamed of working in logistics when they were children, this is true, but this industry provides a large chunk of a country’s economic prosperity and the size and importance of this industry is often ignored. And the good news is that positions are often available as a result of this, so if you’re interested then find out more and you might get a job faster than you think.