Add some greenery to your office

Working in an office day in and day out can become tiresome an it can also start to have an impact on your health. Some of the best ways to ensure that all of your surfaces and common areas are clean and hygienic is to employ the services of a Commercial Cleaning Company Cheltenham like who will regularly clean your place of work.

Once you have your office nice and sparkly clean you can think about adding some greenery to the space.  There are some incredible plants that actually help to purify the air around you and can be great for buildings that have large numbers of computers or manufacturing locations as well as general office spaces to improve the air quality for the employees.

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In the early 1980s NASA conducted some scientific research into air quality and plants that can help not only to increase the oxygen levels in a room but also take away some of the harmful elements that are floating around us day in and day out. Their research resulted in a list of plants are great for air purification. Here are some of their suggestions:

Lady Palm – this relatively easy to grow plant is perfect for offices looking for low maintenance plants. It is at the top of the list of overall plants that help to improve the air quality and removed all toxins that were introduced sa part of NASA scientific testing.

Rubber Plant – these plants are great for offices with low light levels and cooler temperatures it helps to remove main toxins from the air but in particular is great at removing formaldehyde.

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Dracaena – these are incredibly popular plants for both offices and homes, but the “Janet Craig” variety is particularly good at thriving in low light levels and is the best at removing toxins from the air and is incredibly effective at removing trichloroethylene.

English Ivy – is incredibly hardy and very easy to grow and will adapt and thrive in any indoor spaces, although it will struggle in consistently high temperatures. You will often find English Ivy in public spaces in hotels and conferences centres and it is also popular with restaurants and cafes. Again, this plant will remove most toxics from the air but is particularly adept at removing formaldehyde.

Peace Lily – these plants can often be found in spas and beauty salons and there is one very good reason for this. As well as being a beautiful plant to look at it also removes acetone, alcohol as well as trichloroethylene, benzene and formaldehyde.