And so, we wait……….!

Are you a patient or impatient person? Maybe it depends on how you’re feeling and what you’re waiting for? How long are you prepared to wait for something before you get annoyed? Here are some things that are notoriously annoying to wait for:

  • A car still waiting when the light has turned green – so, we give it a couple of seconds but beeping seems so rude so we give a few more seconds. Then we start to think, we only get about 20 seconds before it changes back to red and this sets our pulse racing, our fingers drumming on the steering wheel until finally we beep as we’ve gone from patiently giving them the benefit of the doubt to thinking they’re a dozy plonker!
  • The exciting new gadget you’ve just ordered from Amazon – watching for the postman, eagerly checking the window every time you hear a van, it can feel like an age when you’re waiting for something important or exciting to be delivered. Thankfully, with today’s super-fast delivery and courier services, it can pay to pay a little extra to speed up that knock on the door. For Couriers in Bracknell, visit

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  • Waiting to see the doctor – we all appreciate doctors and receptionists are very busy people but when you’re feeling rubbish and you’ve already waited days for an appointment, a further 45 minutes surrounded by coughing and sneezing patients, doesn’t do much to lighten the mood.
  • Waiting to check-in at an airport – you’ve been awake since 4am, you’re pretty sure you’ve forgotten something essential, you’re nervous about the flight and now you have to endure the interminably long check-in queue. Travel can feel exhausting at times so the quicker we can move through the process, the better.
  • Waiting for people in the cinema to stop talking – the adverts are finished and the movie is about the begin but the couple behind can’t stop chatting about something that’s obviously totally urgent and critical so just can’t wait. How long do you leave it before you turn and give them ‘the look’?
  • The toilet – Motorway Service Stations on a bank holiday when you’ve been stuck in the car for 6 hours and simply must go to the loo! You and everyone else in the county it seems. Waiting in line becomes physically painful, with every second feeling like an hour when you’re bursting.
  • Late Colleagues – you make sure that you’re always on time for work in the morning but sit there waiting for your co-workers to stroll in 10 minutes after you did. Do they ever get penalised? Nope. Makes you wonder why you bother!
  • Kettle or Microwave – when you’re starving or you really want a quick cup of tea, watching the kettle or microwave and the seconds ticking down can feel like an eternity. It’s true what the old proverb says – ‘a watched pot never boils’.

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  • On the telephone – being put on hold could be the most annoying wait to date. When you have a problem or grumble and you’re being passed from pillar to post, the screechy music is giving you a headache and the pre-recorded voice keeps thanking you for your patience – as if you had any choice!