B2B has redefined the term advertisement.Now it has become a means to attract more and more consumer and their attention towards the product and services which are advertised online. All this activity done to get the consumers for their product.B2B advertisement makes the consumer aware and favorably inclined towards products, services, ideas. Along with the awareness it induces the customers in accordance, which indirectly helps the business. B2B advertisement is all known for collecting the activities involved in presenting a non-personal openly sponsored messageto a group or single person regarding a product or a service through online process. The ultimate aim of a B2B advertisement is to sell the product by creating the demand. The demand of any product is get created by making people aware of the differences, uses between new products and existing one. It attracts the attention from the consumer end, which itself create interest and arouses the desire amongst the consumers. It widens the market for the product by influencing the buying behavior of the prospective customers and it also encourages the prospective buyers to purchase the product.B2B advertisement highlights the merits of the advertised products by describing the unique features and uses of the product. It enhances the public image and the standard of the advertiser by highlighting the benefits of buying of the products and services. All these activity create a brand image for the product.B2B advertisement helps in eliminating the middleman because the consumers get the recognition and acceptance of the product online.B2B helps in creating a direct link between the producers or you can say manufacturers of the products and the consumers of the products and makes it more cost effective by reducing the selling cost. The B2B sector mainly consists of professional buyers. They are experts in online buying and buy for the company, not for themselves as consumers.

The professionals instinctively know which one is real and suit their company most. So giving an idiotic reasoning to buy the product will definitely insult their intelligence. So B2B advertisement should be sensible enough to seek the attention of the desired consumers for the desired product.

The decision of the buyers cannot be overwhelmed. Same thing is applied with the B2B buyers.

For selling the product online, approx. every sale follows roughly the same pattern as any other products which are not advertised online. B2B advertisement if done effectively and in right manner can reach a large audience without the expensive cost of traditional advertising and marketing.B2B is a new and unique way of looking at things. We all know that advertising is always expensive. Yet for anyone selling, business-to-business advertising is result-oriented and cost effective too.B2B is now getting recognition for launching and advertising a new product online and making it more popular in the market amongst the consumers. it is a unique way of convincing consumers about the superiority of the product over the other existing production the market.

But there are many executives who consider advertising in the B2B sector a complete waste of money. But unfortunately B2B advertisement helps in reducing the cost of advertisement by reducing the cost of the large scale of production and elimination of the unnecessary obstacles coming in the way of the advertisement.

B2B advertisement creates confidence among the buyers about the advertised products. The buyers get uniform qualities and chances of getting cheated are very less. Even manufacturers maintain the quality to attract the consumers for their product.B2B advertising brings the consumers and the producers much closer so that they can fully appreciate the needs of the each other.This type of understanding helps in better matching of products services with the need of people at large and increases the quantum of satisfaction amongst the consumers. So to derive the maximum benefits from B2B advertisement in the competitive market, every producer tries to differentiate their products from the other existing competitive products available in the markets.B2B advertising nourishes the consuming of the human being. It spurs individual exertion and helps in greater production. It serves as a lubricant for the marketing and the great propelling power.Thus it’s not a social waste if done scientifically and honestly.

So, a decency bad ethics along with the values should be given importance to eradicate materialism from the advertisement. It provides greater advantage to the consumers seeking products online