Common Mistakes People Make When Moving Home

Have you just purchased a new home? You may have designed your own home or purchased a home and land package from a reputable builder. The excitement and anticipation builds as you patiently wait for the keys prior being granted access to your new home.

Moving home brings a lot of work to the household. It’s not as simple as just switching between residencies. There is much preparation required to effectively finalise the move in the most effective time span and manner. Moving home also brings much frustration and stressful situations, as it can become quite overwhelming at times. You need to ensure you prepare accordingly and don’t make any avoidable mistakes. However that is easier said than done, in most cases! What are some of the common mistakes people tend to make when moving home?

Packing Too Late

Chances are you are still working full time or carrying out your daily duties prior to moving into your new home. It is far too easy to simply keep telling yourself “I have plenty of time to pack”, however before you know it the removalists are scheduled for the next day and you haven’t even begun to pack. Sound familiar to some? This is when you begin to stress as you are frantically packing last minute.

Unorganised Packing and Not Labelling Boxes

This is also very common among many people. As you are anxiously packing last minute, you begin to throw anything and everything into boxes, just to get things packed. This is when particular items are mixed that shouldn’t be such as fragile and bulky items, or food and bug spray, for example.  Now you have an unbalanced and unorganised array of moving boxes that don’t really belong to any particular room in your new home. It will also make it difficult to label the box as it contains an abundance of junk. Not carefully packing may result in damaged or broken belongings, and an excess amount of unnecessary stress.

Hiring Dodgy Removalists

Many people don’t research between available removalists and simply hire the first they see. This is yet another mistake as there are some unreliable, dodgy removalists out there. You should refer to the testimonials on their website or consult friends and family that have recently moved and used removalist services. If you are still unsatisfied, it may be worthwhile to hire a truck, gather some friends and move your belongings yourself.

Buying Fixtures and Furniture Prior to Moving

Another vital error people make is buying new fixtures or furniture to suit their new home, prior to actually moving in. This may result in specific items not fitting in, as the dimensions may be inaccurate. If you are simply using your eye as a measuring tool, you should rethink your strategy to prevent any purchases that don’t eventually fit. You should at least consult the house builders prior to making any reasonable purchases to establish dimensions and the size of particular rooms.

Some of these mistakes can easily be avoided if planned accordingly. Talk to your builder and real estate (if applicable) to determine the expected date they keys will be released and pan ahead of time.