Digital Marketing By Optimization

There are a few cases where the analysis and the optimization techniques followed are intrigued by many people. The dynamics of mathematics are so wide and so varied to be understood that it takes a lifetime to achieve it. There are certain increasing and decreasing percentage bits where we sometimes convert or round-off the percentages to a certain digit and then convert it back for certain calculations again.

For example, if hundred is increased by thirty percent, then it’s going to a hundred and thirty, and if it is decreased by thirty percent, then it’s going to be ninety one percent. But if the same hundred and thirty is decreased by approximately twenty-three percent, it becomes hundred percent again. This mechanism of conversion is called conversion optimization.

When the number is increased by thirty percent, we have an overall value of hundred and thirty percent and so to rework it back we need to follow a little formula, which is hundred divided by hundred and thirty which gives us 0.769231 and then from one it is subtracted. The value which we get is 0.230769 and when calculated in percentage it is called 23.076p percent which is rounded off to 23 percent. The static number here is hundred.

With the help of this formula, we can use the numbers the way we want to. The route to increasing and decreasing happens many times and playing with the statistics becomes more fun.


When we search for the keywords for displaying ads, email marketing and affiliates, we pay a significant amount of money. There are industries and the companies who spend thousands of dollars driving to draw traffic to their site, but they don’t spend time on what they are converting into sales-qualified leads. They don’t understand the wants and needs of their site visitors. So, without a proper conversion strategy, the effort for more clicks or the visitors is almost pointless.

Increase in ROI with an Increase in Conversion

There are numerous companies which are perfectly happy to have web conversion rates of less than one percent. But when you sit and calculate we find out that a simple increase in one percent of the conversion can generate the same revenue as a hundred percent increase in traffic. So, in time it becomes obvious that creating sales goals is more important in creating leads and it will help in generating huge amounts of traffic. This means the conversion optimization is necessary to generate revenues for the companies and the industries. There can be more revenue generation with the online transactions, new registrations and one mark the success of the online marketing by a mere conversion technique. So, it comes to the conclusion that higher is the conversion rate, higher is the revenue generated online.

What Matches the Call to Customer Buying Stage

The most important thing to understand is that the websites if visited more often can lead to huge traffic generation and in turn generates huge profits. Good websites which are often visited have a conversion rate of about three to four percent and they generate a huge ROI. They are companies which are calling and asking for proposals, demos and sales. The people who are not buying and are confident enough to buy will buy when they see the market raging. They convert the website visitors into the leads and once you start buying, they will match your call to an action or a buying stage. There are many such instances where the visitors are converting to leads with the conversion mechanisms and techniques and are very helpful in generating revenues.