Do it yourself: Install Play Store on Wolder Jump tablet.

The star gift of the last two Christmas have been tablets (the Wolder Jump among others), it is impossible to deny it. Most consumers can not afford to give high-performance tablets, and fortunately, there are a variety of Android tablets in the market of all prices and colors.

Many users do not require powerful hardware to simply use WhatsApp, make Skype calls to a family member, check emails, or follow their favorite “youtubers”. One of the alternatives in this basic range of tablets is the Wolder Jump , tablet with basic characteristics but a very adjusted price , aimed at the less technologically demanding.

It seems a bit contradictory that being aimed at the less demanding does not include as standard the Play Store,  that is, usually these users when they have used an Android device, have all downloaded through the Play Store, and if it is not available, that Is a major impediment whenever they require a new app.

In this entry we will tell you in 4 simple steps how to install the Play Store in the tablet Wolder Jump :

Recommendations:  Save all the data you want to keep before processing, all information will be lost. Make sure the tablet has a minimum of 50% battery, to avoid possible problems.

1- Download this file and put it on a MicroSD memory card (you have to put it in the root of the card).

2- With the tablet turned off, insert the card and turn it on.

3- After a few seconds when you turn on, we will offer to install a software update, accept and install it.

4- It will begin a process that lasts several minutes, in which the tablet will restart 2 times, when this finishes will appear again the main menu of Android already with the Play Store installed.