Express Makeup

I think we all happen every morning. The alarm clock rings at 7:15 and the last thing we want is makeup. However, I am one of those who can no longer go out with the face washed and I need a little makeup to “feel good” for the rest of the day.

A few months ago I was shown in one of the stands of Benefit a few simple steps to be ready in 5 minutes and I promise that since then I have not left a single day of home without a drop of makeup. I leave you a video where you explain the steps that must be followed and leave you the products of Benefit that you have used. Easier impossible!

Some Kind-A Gorgeous: invisible makeup foundation. Unify the tone without mask effect. I tell you a secret has just arrived the base in dark tone facing the summer.

  • Bo-ing: Concealer / redness in cream. It covers enough without marking the wrinkles of the eye contour. It is matte so you need help from an illuminator.
  • Eye Bright: Pink pencil that illuminates the eye contour. The makeup artist uses it in the area of the eye but can also be used in the area of the tear.
  • High Beam: liquid illuminator with bright particles. The make-up artist uses it around the eye, drawing a C around the eye. It can also be used on cheekbones, nose and chin.
  • Khol Pencil: Black eyeliner. Must be easy to blur.
  • BAD gal eyes: False mask effect. I promise you there are a few gone heart attacks!
  • Dandelion: pink powder that can be used all over the face or as rouge. If you are brunette better try with the Dallas.
  • Silky Finish Lipstick: lipstick with gloss effect. Important that it is of color lip and with a slight brightness. Benefits are very creamy.