Free Cell Phone Tracker For Iphone And Android

As more kids use iPhones and Android devices, there is the need for parents to monitor most if not all the activities kids engage in when using these gadgets. With cyber bullying, endless spam messages and nuisance calls, parents are inclined to protect their children from violations. The Free Cell Phone Tracker is a new application that enables users to view whom their kids talk to on their phones. It is almost similar to other spying apps with a free download software. The app takes five minutes at most to download and install (installed in your kids’ device) and can be used for both Android and iPhone devices.

What The Free Cell Phone Tracker can do

  • Track messages on social media network: When installed, The Free Cell Phone Tracker remotely monitors messages sent and received on Whatsapp, Hangouts, Facebook, Viber and Yahoo conversations.
  • If your kid’s device has a security code, the app unlocks it for you.
  • It enables the user to keep track of incoming and outgoing messages every thirty minutes.
  • Parents also receive the list of all contacts saved on the target mobile device.
  • You can also view a history of all websites visited from the device.
  • Shows the history of the target device call log.
  • Keylogger: it captures all texts typed on the keyboard.
  • It provides GPS locations of the target mobile device on a map thus, showing you the exact location of your kids.
  • It also provides copies of any notes saved on the target mobile device.
  • It is invisible: The Free Cell Phone Tracker is a hundred percent undetectable. As such, you do not have to worry about being caught when tracking your kid’s text messages or Hangouts.
  • The latest version allows users to fix the bug so as to capture Facebook messages.

How it works

As mentioned earlier, The Free Cell Phone Tracker takes five minutes to install before you begin to begin remotely to spy a cell phone or tablet. The following instructions should guide you:

  • Download the app on the iPhone or Android device.
  • Grab your kid’s cellphone and install the invisible monitoring app following the guide on the manual.
  • Open the app and access messages, web history, calls Facebook conversations and GPS locations of your target.
  • A unique feature about the app is that unlike other applications that store copies of recorded data, The Free Cell Phone Tracker encrypts the data and sends it to your e-mail not your server. This way, only the user reads and stores the information.

The app comes with an alternative monitoring solution for folks who do not have a tab or cell phone to view info captured by the monitoring software.