Good Web Hosting and Why it Matters

There’s a big choice of options when it comes to getting your website in front of the world. You might think that opting for the cheapest available just to get your site online quickly is the best option. But in fact the quality of your web hosting matters more than you might think.

Good Web Hosting and Why it Matters

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Better Search Rankings

Many people don’t realise that Google’s search rankings actually penalise sites that are slow to load, and have been doing so since 2010. If your site is slow it will be lower down the search rankings and people won’t be able to find it as easily.

Google also places weight on how long people spend on your site, so if other pages are slow to load you’ll be doubly penalised for the fact that users don’t linger on your site. Whilst there are lots of things you can do in your site design to improve its search engine ranking, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance hosting has.

More Resilient

Cheap hosting will often have only basic security and backup measures in place. This leaves your site vulnerable to attack by viruses or hackers. It may also you mean that you lose data in the event of equipment failure or cyber attack. Buying from reputable companies like Responsive web design in Cardiff agency provide both web design and hosting so it’s a one stop shop and ensures that your site has maximum availability and the best protection.

Improved User Experience

Fast load times are not only good for your search rankings, they’re also more user friendly. Slow response can be down to a lack of bandwidth or an excess of traffic on a shared server, all of which a good web host should be able to help you avoid. Sufficient bandwidth and maximum uptime minimise the chance that visitors won’t be able to access your site.


A good web host will usually provide a number of extras. These are often in a modular format so you can add the tools you need – like site designers for example – without paying for things you don’t need. They’ll also have a transparent pricing structure so that you can clearly understand the cost should you need extra space or more bandwidth to cope with seasonal peaks.

Information at Your Fingertips

Knowing how your website is performing is vital. A good hosting package will give you access to lots of information about your site traffic including site visits, page views and more. All of this is usually available via an easy-to-access control panel that enables you to keep tabs on your site from anywhere and at any time. Being able to monitor your site effectively lets you see how well your SEO is working and allows you to respond quickly to any problems.

Having a good host can make a big difference to the success of your website. It’s therefore important to take your time when choosing a hosting company, look at all the options available and make certain that you’re getting a package that won’t let you down.