How Can I Improve Garage Door Security

Small faults may bring down huge castles. It only takes one open door to let invaders in your territory and conquer your world. That’s how the Turks conquered Constantinople and potential intruders could use the same method to enter into your house. You may have installed the best security systems at your front door, but if your garage door is poorly maintained or has a small gap underneath it, you are not perfectly protected.

The importance of garage doors to home security

The moment architects decided to attach homes with garages, garage doors started playing a significant role to home security. Remote clickers and current garage door openers allow easy and safe access into the garage, but you must also give gravity to the maintenance and upgrading of the door as well.

  • The first and most important action we must take is regular garage door maintenance. As Garage Door Company in Houston would tell you it is the most significant garage door service, which will keep your door in excellent condition. The technicians can take over the service and let you know which parts must be repaired or replaced. Garage doors need experienced professionals, who can deal efficiently with garage door broken spring problems and respond fast to emergency repairs.
  • The electric garage door openers have sensors and other safety features that can protect people from accidents, but the garage door still is a huge entrance into your home, which must be reinforced by alarm security systems. It is proven that intruders won’t waste their time trying to get through your security system, especially if they run the risk of getting caught.
  • It’s good to take care of light efficiency in the surrounding area of the garage door and leave no dark spots, where intruders can hide. It would even be better, if you could install a camera that will allow you to know what’s going on outside your garage through a monitor in your living room.
  • Even if you work with the best emergency garage door company in town, you should inspect the garage door components every now and then. It’s important to replace often the bottom seal of your door because it will contribute to the good insulation of your house as well as the avoidance of intrusions.
  • Pay attention to small gaps underneath the door, if it doesn’t come all the way down. A loose garage door cable, for example, or problems with your garage door torsion or extension springs, or the opener may keep the door from closing perfectly to the floor. In any case, when there is a gap underneath the door, burglars would use their tools to open it easily.
  • Make sure to keep the door that connects the garage with your house always locked. You could even reinforce its security with an alarm system because when intruders get into your garage, they don’t usually intend of stealing the things you keep in there, but move on into your house.