How Often Should You Clean Your Hot Tub?

When it comes to the question of how frequently you should clean your hot tub, there’s no easy answer, it depends on how often you use your Edmonton hot tub. There is a maintenance guideline you may want to use  as a general schedule as follows:

Every 3 or 4 Days

Especially when your hot tub is getting lots of use you will want to do a visual check and chemical check which includes

  • Checking the water for any discoloration, cloudiness or film on top of the water
  • Using test strips to detect the chemical levels in your water to see if you need to adjust the chemicals to keep your water properly sanitized. Test for alkalinity, bromine, chlorine hardness and finally the PH levels. Make sure to space about two hours between each chemical you add, this will allow each chemical to adjust while avoiding negative reactions.

Once a Month

It’s advisable to clean your filter at least once a month removing it from the hot tub and  use a filter cleaning product, This will help release dirt, debris and unwanted chemicals from it, having a second filter to switch off with will have your filters lasting longer and your water to be kept much cleaner. Also wash the hot tub cover with a product for this purpose which will condition your cover and protect it from harmful weather conditions such as UV rays, rain and snow. The cover will last longer as well as protect the hot tubs water from unwanted chemicals.

Every 4 to 6 Months

Depending on how much use you’ll want to drain your hot tub every four to six months as recommended if you use it 2 or more times a week. If you use your hot tub less often, then you can leave draining it a little longer. Once drained inspect each jet and the interior shell components damages and buildup of grime and dirt. Using a safe, manufacturer approved product clean the interior shell to remove any dirt, oil or grime. After a thorough inspection and cleaning refill your hot tub with fresh, clean water, allow the hose to run for a few minutes before placing in the tub. This will ensure no unwanted debris is introduced into your hot tub, being sure to always add water through the filter compartment avoids any air locks. Test the chemical levels, adjust as needed and continue to enjoy your hot tub.