How to Demolish Commercial Buildings

The demolishing of commercial buildings is a complete art. Depending upon some important factors, a suitable method is picked for the process. The size, area, surroundings, etc are key factors to decide the method of demolishing a commercial building. Take a look at details of these methods:

By hand:

This method is quietly effective. You can easily separate many useful materials for re-use. Demolishing by hand does not mean that all the work is done by using only hands. The cranes and other machinery can be taken to the site for help. In this method, the building is usually demolished floor to floor starting from the top. To work in this sequence is considered safest for workers.

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Mechanical method:

This is the next most useful method of demolishing big commercial buildings. The heavy cranes, excavators, and other hydraulic machinery take charge for speedy work. Skilled workers control this machinery and tear the building into pieces. They are specially trained to work safely with speed. This method is speedy, but you will have to bear the noise, dust, vibrations, etc which are some bad effects of this method. For Demolition Birmingham, visit a site like Hammerjack, suppliers of Demolition Birmingham Services.

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Explosion method:

This is the most modern and effective method to take a building to the ground. This method can bring a skyscraper to the ground in a very short time. This method is also applied in different sequences decided by experts. This can save a lot of time and money. You may be asked for necessary paperwork before applying this method as an explosion can be harmful in some cases.