How to Get the Best Sale of Your Van

Whatever it is you are selling, you want to get the best possible price; here are some pointers for selling your van for the best price.

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Check trading magazines and ads in local newspapers to establish the value of your van. You could also check websites to be sure you are in the right ball park.


Before you start advertising, you need to look at your van from a buyer’s viewpoint. Does it look clean and tidy from the outside, is the interior shabby and worn, and is the mileage acceptable for its age? On the back of this appraisal, clean your van, inside and out, touch up any chips or marks, repair any faults and make sure the oil and screenwash are topped up.

If the inside has become worn, it may be worth getting a new lining such as van plylining from Check your tyre pressures, clean the windows and polish the dashboard. It might be helpful to pop an air freshener inside.

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You now need to decide how you are going to sell your van, whether privately, by auction, through a dealer or as part of a trade-in. You will get the best price selling privately, but this comes with the hassle of dealing with the transaction. Selling through a dealer is quicker and less bother, but expect to get a lower price as the dealer will take his cut. If you intend purchasing another vehicle as part of a trade-in, this would give you a convenient quick sale. Again, the price would be lower than selling privately. Your other option is taking it to an auction: the benefits are that you sell the van quickly, get paid within 48 hours and possibly get a good price. With more and more private buyers going to auction, prices are rising. The downside is you may not get a bid, and you still have to pay the auction house.


You now need to get all your paperwork together: you will need a current MOT certificate, V5C registration document, service book and details of any repairs carried out of the vehicle. When everything is ship-shape, you can now look at other similar vans for sale, comparing them with yours to get an idea of what other people are selling for.