Industrial shelving for warehouses

The main purpose of the warehouse is to store goods. They are a unique environment in which the storage and shelf facilities are paramount. The warehouse has distinctive needs in terms of maximizing space for storage purposes and storage must be strong, heavy duty and highly reliable.

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For this type of environment, industrial shelving is required. The types of shelving available vary, including wire racks, double rivet shelving, mobile shelving and cantilever. As well as many choices of different shelves, there are a number of accessories that can be added to further maximize the use and efficacy of the rack.

When deciding the right system for your warehouse needs, different options can be compared by design and size:

Rivet Shelving – This type is available in either single or double rivet. Which one is right for you depends on the weight of items you need to save per rack. A double rivet shelving will hold more weight, making it an ideal choice for the majority of warehouses with heavy duty storage requirements. For Rivet Shelving, visit a site like Rackzone, suppliers of Rivet Shelving.

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Wire Shelving – Sturdy, powerful and easily customizable. Wire construction is better not collect dust over time. They offer the opportunity to store a variety of different things and it’s simple to add more units to store more stuff.

Pallet rack – pallet rack is used primarily to support the full weight of the pallets of goods to enable the speed in unloading the forklift truck. They are ideal for making good use of vertical space, freeing up more space on your floor.