LG Unveils Rollable TV

It’s long been a trend that TVs are getting thinner and thinner, but now LG has teased fans with a glimpse of the future with a 65-inch television you could roll up like a picture and put away when not in use. And it’s easily transported to a new location. Haven’t finished watching your show but need to go and make a start on dinner? No problem, just roll the TV up and take it with you.

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OLED Brings Unrivalled Flexibility

The new screen uses OLED technology (organic light emitting diodes) to create vibrant colours by passing electricity directly through materials which change to red, green or blue. Unlike traditional LCD televisions (or more modern plasmas), no separate backlight is required, which gives the opportunity for a far more flexible screen.

The new 6- inch version isn’t the first rollable screen, as LG unveiled another one at CES in 2016. That one, however, was only 18 inches. With this year’s CES right around the corner, fans and tech journalists alike will soon be able to see the devices first hand, along with an array of other technological goodies from ping-pong-playing robots to futuristic toilets.

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Wave of the Future

If you’re keen to get yourself one of the first models, then you should be prepared. For a start, you’ll want one of the best TV aerials in Swansea (and if you need an upgrade you’ll want to discuss your options with someone like One Vision Swansea TV Aerial Repair), and you’ll also need a fast broadband connection. As might be expected for such a futuristic device, the new screens will be able to interact with other devices, including digital assistants like Alexa, as well as download content from the internet.

However, your wallet will need to be prepared as well, as the devices will no doubt sit at the premium end of the market when they finally go on sale (the ones at CES, like many OLED TVs, will still just be concepts rather than viable products). We might also see new applications, including displays on non-flat surfaces like vehicle interiors and handheld devices. LG has established itself as the king of OLED technology, but it remains to be seen how far that technology will go when it eventually hits the mainstream market.