Problems that can occur with your sealant

Sealant is used to create a watertight seal around the items in our bathrooms and our kitchens. It can be found in a number of colours, including standard white and in transparent. It is important that sealant is installed properly so as to ensure that no water leaks through any gaps. If you are looking to replace your sealant, you will need to use Silicone sealant remover like to remove your existing sealant before adding new sealant to the area.

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Here are some problems that can occur with your sealant.

Mould – this occurs when water leaks behind the sealant and leaves the area damp. In some cases, this water seeps in before you add the sealant, so you are unaware of the issues that are slowly occurring behind the sealant that you have put in place. You should remove the sealant, clean the mould and thoroughly dry the area before adding more sealant.

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Discolouration – certain chemicals can cause your sealant to change colour, and this can also occur over time. It can be very unsightly, and again it is best to remove this old sealant and replace it with a new brighter sealant.

Peeling – in some cases, when sealant is not put in place properly, or the area is flooded with water, the sealant can begin to peel. This then leaves gaps for the water to seep through. It is best to remove this sealant and new to the area. You can not patch repair sealant, and the new and old sealant will not bond together effectively enough to keep the watertight integrity of the product.