Search Engine Reputation Management Services: Ramen House

Many foodies are aware that there aren’t any ramen places in North America that is equivalent to Japan; however, one has emerged, Ramen House. This ramen shop will be promoted by search engine reputation management services in order to notify the public that a ramen place worthy of Japan has come to America. The reason being is that the owner is the son of a famous ramen shop owner in Hokkaido Japan. He will be importing all the special ingredients from Japan such as bonito flakes, miso and seaweed in order to make the same sweet broth. The noodles will be made from scratch every day and the way it works is that he prepares the dough to use the next day since it needs to rest. The meat will be supplied from a local butcher and he plans on making a special contract to buy in bulk, and it’ll be chicken and pork.

The shop itself will only have seats for about forty people. Search engine reputation management services started to post pictures of the restaurant on social media and the dishes they serve. The restaurant will always have a dish of the month which is amazing for people who come often. They can switch it up and look forward to the next months special but the interesting thing is that they will have a census on Facebook every year asking which of the last twelve flavours should be made into a regular item on the menu. Search engine reputation management services was shocked to see how the people took the time to answer and give in open-ended comments.

The owner was thrilled with the social media success they were getting and so was search engine reputation management services. They thought they would have lots of competition so it would have been tough to reach the 100,000 follower mark in just a month.