Serviced Accommodation Providers Switch Focus to Corporate Relocations

With many companies looking to relocate, serviced accommodation providers are taking advantage of this influx and spending more time and effort on providing suitable temporary living space for businesses and their employees.

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The Need for Serviced Accommodation

With various political and economic reasons as to why companies are choosing to relocate, the need for serviced living options is growing. Whether this be regional or international relocations, accommodation providers are taking note and spending more of their time and resources on finding ways they can help provide a suitable solution.

What is Being Done?

Not only are specialist serviced accommodation providers getting more involved, but even the big name hotels are trying to get themselves known in the market. With more and more hotel chains offering aparthotels it allows them to get a slice of the relocation area. Bridge Street Global Hospitality have found another way to put themselves ahead of their competitors by launching an online booking facility for those who plan an extended stay. This makes it much easier for businesses to search and book serviced apartments instantly, allowing a smoother relocation process which can be a major advantage especially for those looking to relocate overseas.

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Safe Accommodation

Nowadays, more businesses are feeling the pressure to ensure that their employees are accounted for when thinking about tax, immigration and their general safety. This is where hiring a corporate relocation company comes in. Businesses are finding that even short international stays can become complicated and if a company-wide relocation is taking place, there are a mountain of issues to think about. Companies such as are being hired to make sure that everything goes without a hitch and that all legalities are taken care of. They can make sure that the accommodation provided is accredited by The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) which allows companies to feel secure in their choice of accommodation for its employees.

What are Companies Looking for?

With the uncertainty following the announcement of Brexit and the leadership change in the USA, more companies are looking for short stay accommodation. This means that aparthotels and other serviced accommodation providers must cater for these global trends and allow their clients to be more flexible in order for them to continue to be a contender in the relocation market.