Six Tips for Choosing a VoIP Termination Provider

VoIP is quickly becoming the new telephony standard for businesses worldwide due to the benefits it can bring in service, scalability, and especially cost.

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With such important communications being trusted to relatively new VoIP providers, and most people knowing comparatively little about VoIP, how can you make an informed decision about which provider to pick?

Here are six tips to help you make the correct decision for yourself and your business about which VoIP termination provider to choose.

Know the Billing Details

As with ‘traditional’ telephony or any other service, you need to be clear about the costs. Before signing up, make sure you are clear about the cost of DID numbers, local and international calls and especially about the billing increment – that is, the number of seconds billed at a time on a call.

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Investigate Call Quality for Yourself

With something as important as your business’s ability to communicate, you can’t just take a provider’s word for it when it comes to quality. Luckily, most providers will provide test accounts for potential clients which can allow you to check the call quality yourself.

Check Their Response to Quality Issues

If you encounter any call quality issues at all on your test account, contact the provider’s support department to evaluate how they respond to issues and whether it is the sort of response you would appreciate.

Test Their Response time

Whether or not you encountered issues, you should try contacting the provider’s support department simply to see response times – you wouldn’t want to be stuck without telephone service while waiting for support to reply.

Ensure Worldwide Cover

Unless your business is entirely domestic all of the time, you want to ensure that you are working with a wholesale AZ VOIP termination provider like idtexpress – A to Z being Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, all of the countries your provider should cover.

Consider Additional Providers for Top Destinations

If your business operates in certain areas exclusively or with great frequency, you want to be completely certain that communication lines will stay open for your customers. Try international destinations your business deals with when you have a test account, and consider contracting an additional supplier for some of these high-volume destinations to make sure that your customers can always reach you.