The times when you might you need a professional civil engineer

Over the past few decades, property prices have continued to rise. Even now, after all the uncertainty of Brexit, mortgage lenders are reporting that house prises are again rising at a rate of knots. All of this is good news for homeowners looking to make a profit and also encourages people to invest in their properties to try and add even more value.

However, what many people do not realize is that when they undertake projects on their buildings, they may need to use a civil engineering company in order to adhere to the myriad of laws and standards needed. Often, homeowners do not realize it until well into the project that a civil engineer may be needed, and it then can become very difficult to source one. For more information on Groundwork companies Bristol, visit a site like

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Without thorough planning and the advice of a trained civil engineer, projects can run into trouble, in terms of both time and cost. With this in mind, we have created the following list of situations when a civil engineer may be required for your domestic project.


When building a bridge over water for access to a property, such as for vehicular access, the water needs to be able to run freely and often belongs to the public, so that any building work resulting in diversion or covering will require the skills of a civil engineer.

Septic system

If you install a septic system during a building project, you then must avail the assistance of a civil engineer. This is also the case if you are connected to the municipal sewer system. Any type of building infrastructure that involves the construction of or work surrounding a well or septic system, including private water, drainage or sewer systems, will require a civil engineer.

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Building by water

When the building of jetties or other large structures involved in a construction project near or on ground by water, then civil engineering expertise will be required.


A civil engineer is required to survey land for flood elevation, property lines and the general topographical layout of an area prior to construction beginning.

As you can see, there are several reasons for the need of a civil engineer who affect various types of building projects. If you plan to build, it may well be worth avail their services in good time to avoid any unnecessary delays in the phone. Civil engineers are highly valuable for any sewer construction or repair jobs you can do.