What to pack for a business trip

If you’ve never packed for a business trip before, or it’s been a while, then you might be a bit confused when it comes to what goes into your suitcase. Here are some handy hints to keep you totally prepared and having everything you need at your fingertips. That way, you can focus on being awesome in your business meetings.

Business Cards – Don’t forget to pack your business cards. Keep them within easy reach at all times. Business trips and conferences are ideal times for networking and you never know who you’ll bump into or strike up a conversation with.

Chargers – Forgetting a charger for a vital piece of technology can ruin a trip. Arrange a container for yourself that fits all your chargers and cables inside so you can locate them quickly and keep them safe. If you have spares, pack those too, in case a colleague has the misfortune of forgetting to bring theirs. To recharge your batteries after a long day of business meetings, why not choose the space and luxury of Birmingham Serviced Apartments. For more information, visit http://www.8waterloostreet.co.uk/

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Extension Lead – We all carry so many gadgets with us these days like tablets, laptops, mobile phones and sat navs. If you find your accommodation is lacking in electrical sockets, make life easy for yourself and have a power strip to hand.

Mobile broadband – Relying on the speed and signal of other’s internet can be incredibly frustrating and could even leave you without access at all for a time. This isn’t ideal for a business trip so don’t leave it to fate and organise your own mobile broadband device.

Travel-friendly clothing – You don’t want to enter a business meeting looking like you’ve slept in your clothes, so try to pack garments made from wrinkle-free materials where you can.

Toiletries – Don’t be tempted to travel light and buy these when you reach your destination. It might be inconvenient and buying toiletries in a hotel is always expensive. Pick up some travel toiletries before you go to save time, money and space in your case.

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Organizer or Diary –  Be sure of keeping all important documents and information safe and super-organized by placing all together in your organizer or diary. You might wish to pack car hire documents, hotel and fuel receipts, insurance documents or literally any other paperwork you acquire along the way.

Relaxation aids – Travel can often be disruptive to our regular patterns, so remember to pack whatever you use to help you relax. Your Kindle, favourite pillow, iPod or noise canceling headphones might all help you to unwind and get to sleep at night. It can also be difficult to focus on work if you’re in unfamiliar or noisy environments. Noise canceling headphones will help you to concentrate when working away from the office.