17 tricks to get Spotify to the maximum

Spotify is one of the leading platforms in the field of streaming music and one of the few large following daring to publicize their free form without worrying about affecting the growth of payment. We are so accustomed to its application that it is possible some have conformed us to use it in a basic way without stopping to look at all possibilities.

If you are one of those who give a basic use Spotify and you want to get the most out of ten dollars a month you pay for it, today we offer a small repertoire of tricks to do so. We have everything from how to convert a karaoke Spotify to how to download your collection of favorite records do not need to resort to P2P anymore.

Do not let escape your personalized weekly compilation

Last summer, Spotify launched Discovery Weekly, a system of weekly playlists customized for each user. These lists are surprising so much that match the tastes of each, so if you do not you listen to these missing or on a good opportunity to discover and rediscover music you like.


  • To access Spotify enters and sees the Explore section.
  • Search the submenu Discover, and best recommendations for you.
  • You recognize that the called weekly discovery and use your profile picture.

If you are looking for premium high musical quality

If you are a free user you do not have much to choose between, but when you are paying a premium for being on Spotify you can have your entire music catalog on your quality settings extreme sound. It Spotify uses the Ogg Vorbis format at 320 Kbps, and you can choose both the quality of streaming music like the songs you download.

  • PC clicks on Edit and Preferences.
  • Now you just have to activate the option Streaming high quality.
  • In the mobile application comes into Settings and scroll down to the option of quality music.
  • Choose the best quality available both in the dropdown streaming as in the Download.

Download albums and playlists to your phone

P2P download music to carry your favorite albums on mobile? That’s so 2012. Spotify allows you to download not only your playlists but for a few months also your favorite albums.

  • If you want to download a disc on your mobile just enter it.
  • If you click on Save will be available in the section your music.
  • You’ll have to activate the option Make available offline to download to your mobile.
  • The saved songs will have an icon of an arrow pointing down the green.
  • To download a Playlist enters it and also activates the option available offline.

Download music on your phone microSD

If you’re using Android may prefer to use the space on your microSD card instead of taking up the internal storage of your phone when downloading music. Spotify has also recently implemented this option, but if you have already started downloading music in the internal memory have to take any step to activate it.

  • Enter the Settings of the app for Android, and scroll down to the section other to click on the option Storage.
  • Here you can choose to use storage device or SD card.
  • If you have already started using the device, before switching you will have to return to the previous menu.
  • There have to give the option to delete the cache and data to erase all your downloads.
  • Now, before you get back to downloading reenters Storage and choose the SD.

Hide your activity, do not know what you hear

If you are a real adventurous musical sure that at some point you’ve heard things that you’re ashamed. If you do not want this to impact on the image others have of you can be quiet, and since Spotify allows you to hide your activity.

  • Go to the tab File or click the arrow next to your username desktop application.
  • Activate the option Private Session for anyone to see what you hear.
  • In the mobile app, you will see the option in the Settings section *.

Find what you heard yesterday with history

Not every day we are in the mood to dedicate ourselves to go adding to favorites or playlist what we hear. For this reason, rummaging in your viewing history can help you not lose track of that song that you liked so much yesterday, but do not finish the title of remembering.

  • You can only access the history delude client for Windows and Mac.
  • Click on the section Cola down, by the time bar of the song.
  • You’ll see a tab that makes history. It’s there.

Import local files and other services

Regardless of its extensive music catalog, the player Spotify is attractive and functional enough to think about using it to listen to your other music collections. To do this you will have the option to import both your local files as you have in other music services such as iTunes.

  • In the desktop client click on Edit and then go to Preferences.
  • Go to section Local Files.
  • You will appear different options depends on the applications you have installed.
  • Local directories where you have music also appear.
  • If you do not find one, click on Add a source to add music directories.
  • Just select the option you want, and the menu Local Files on the left will appear all your files.

Spend your mobile playback or Chromecast

Are you listening to music on your mobile and get home you want to take your playback directly ordered r? You’re doing on the PC and prefer to ring in the CC or any other device you have connected? You’ve, guess, Spotify has an option to do so with a single click.

  • In the PC just click on the option available devices and choose where you want to begin playing music.
  • In the mobile application you all the way down the device in which the music sounds appear.
  • Just click on the site that puts and choose a new device. *
  • When you bring music to another device, remember that the music will stop where you were listening.

Use your phone as a remote control

Okay, you want to not listen to music on your mobile phone but use it to control the playback of your PC or synchronized musical equipment. As you just saw the mobile application does not automatically change where you are listening to music, so while you’re listening, on the other hand, the mobile will use default as remote.

Playlist recovers a deleted

Have you accidentally deleted this playlist setting take weeks and have heard your cry to the people next door? For quiet, because even in applications does not appear, Spotify has an option that lets you recover any deleted Playlist.

  • Enter Your Account Spotify through the web.
  • Go to the option Recover Playlist.
  • Here you will see the name of all the lists that you deleted and the date in which you did.
  • In each you will see the option Recover, just click on it and recover.

Organize your Playlists with folders

Let me guess, you have several playlists on Spotify but all chaotically disorganized in the Playlist section of your application. Did you know that you can create folders to put some order and organize better? Yes, it is something you cannot do in mobile applications, only on the desktop.

  • Right click on any area, even on your own playlists, in the Playlist section.
  • You will see that next to Create playlist * you the option ** Create folder appear.
  • You can also do this with Ctrl + Shift + N.
  • You can create want and go dragging each Playlist to the folder you want.
  • You can also create folders within folders.
  • If you create a new Playlist and flames – you will create a separator.

Other versions of the same album

Some discs and singles, especially those belonging to the genus dl Hip Hop, come with versions with and without censorship when the lyrics are not suitable for all audiences. If you really like a safe artist you would not lose a point or a comma of what he writes, so Spotify lets you switch between the versions of the song.

  • In some songs, to the right of the Copyright information option appears X novelties.
  • If you click on its you other versions of the same album or single song appear.

Spotify uses as Karaoke

Either because you want to know what that says exactly that song that you like or because you want to hop karaoke at home, sure that you take advantage of the function of your client PC to be showing the lyrics. All thanks to the alliance with Spotify Musixmatch to integrate their letters.

  • Below on the right of the progress bar of the song you have the option Lyrics.
  • If you click on it you the lyrics of the song will appear as you are playing.
  • With the way, Lyrics Complete will visualize all the lyrics, and the normal mode only two sentences.
  • The function has the options to edit letters, synchronize and resize.

Do more efficient searches

Are you one of those that you limit you to find the artist you want to hear in Spotify and then scrolling for half an hour to reach the disks you want to find? As you know there is a way to optimize search further by selecting the artist the time period of their albums or songs. You can use modifiers such as Google.

  • Artist: David Bowie to find a particular artist.
  • Track: “My Song” to find a particular song.
  • Album: “My Disk” to find a specific media.
  • Year: 1969 to find songs that year.
  • Year: 1989-2013 to find songs in that period.
  • Year: 1989-2013 NOT year: 1993 to find songs in that time period, excluding 1993.
  • Refine your search with AND, OR and NOT.
  • Genre: To look for a specific genre.
  • Label: To search the records of a record.
  • Isrc: To search for songs by the International Standard Recording Code.
  • Upc: To search disks for its Universal Product Code.
  • Tag: New to search the last records found.

Share, share, and share

Have you discovered a spectacular great song and you cannot wait for the world? For Spotify, it offers several versions to do so, from sharing it directly on some social networks to creating URLs and embed codes.

  • Just right click on an album, song or playlist.
  • The last four options that appear in the pop-up menu are sharing.
  • Share … will allow you to share directly to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.
  • Copy link to the song puts a link to your clipboard with which anyone can access directly to the song.
  • Copy Spotify URI you copy the URI, with which the file is opened in Spotify directly without intermediate steps.
  • Copy code you copy the iframe code insertion to add the song or album to a blog or website.
  • If you drag a song from Spotify to a messaging app automatically you adjust.

Prepare your trips with collaborative reproduction lists

Imagine you are planning a road trip with your friends, and they each have different musical tastes. Would not it be as democratic as create a playlist with varied songs please everyone? Well, this is something that can be done using the collaborative playlist.

  • Create a playlist like any other.
  • Right-click on it and select the option collaborative Playlist.
  • Just share the list with anyone you can add songs.
  • Quiet, because as the playlist is not public who can only collaborate with the link.

Bonus Track: Keyboard Shortcuts Spotify

How could it be otherwise, we will end this section of tricks with a small list of keyboard shortcuts Spotify. Let’s go listing all functions, showing in each key combination you have to use Windows and Mac OS X.

  • Create New Playlist: Ctrl + N on Windows, Cmd + N on Mac.
  • Cut: Ctrl + X in Windows, Cmd + X on Mac.
  • Copy: Ctrl + C in Windows, Cmd + C on Mac.
  • Paste: Ctrl + V in Windows, Cmd + V on Mac.
  • Delete: Delete in Windows and Mac.
  • Select all: Ctrl + A in Windows, Cmd + A on Mac.
  • Pause: Space on Windows and Mac.
  • Next song: Ctrl + Right on Windows, Cmd + Right on Mac.
  • Previous song: Ctrl + Left in Windows, Cmd + Left on Mac.
  • Volume Up: Ctrl + Up in Windows, Cmd + Up Mac.
  • Volume Down: Ctrl + Down in Windows, Cmd + Down on Mac.
  • Mute: Ctrl + Shift + Down in Windows, Cmd + Shift + Down on Mac.
  • Maximum volume: Ctrl + Shift + Up in Windows, Cmd + Shift + Up Mac.
  • Go to Help: F1 in Windows, Cmd + Shift +? On Mac.
  • Go to the search bar: Ctrl + L on Windows, Cmd + L or Cmd + Alt + F on Mac.
  • Previous page: Alt + Left in Windows, Cmd + Alt + Left * or Cmd + [on Mac.
  • Next page: Alt + Right on Windows, Cmd + Alt + Right or Cmd +] on the Mac.
  • Play selection: Enter on Windows and Mac.
  • Preferences: Ctrl + P in Windows, Cmd +, Mac.
  • Logout: Ctrl + Shift + W in Windows, Cmd + Shift + W for Mac.
  • Exit: Alt + F4 in Windows, Cmd + Q in Mac.
  • Hide window: Cmd + H on the Mac.
  • Hide the windows of other applications: Cmd + Alt + H on the Mac.
  • Close Window: Cmd + W for Mac.
  • Minimize Window: Cmd + M on Mac.
  • Restore window: Cmd + Alt + 1 on Mac.