Replace the Facebook app on your phone and save battery and data

It is a fact that the official Facebook app for Android and iOS is one of the most used … and more mermen the battery of your smartphone. Studies suggest up to 15% autonomy is lost only to have it installed, and that’s not counting the high consumption of data causes. But uninstall does not necessarily imply giving up this essential social network in your terminal since there are other options.

As well inquires, the easiest way to access Facebook on mobile without going through the app is entering your wall through the web browser. However, if you decide to do so, by visiting the web without further ado, you lose part of the associated advantages: upload photos easily, keep track of notifications, etc.

To avoid this, all you have to do to replace the Facebook app for this other option is to create a Web App, with its own icon on the screen and virtually the same functions as those of the official application.

Facebook Web App Android and Google Chrome

If you use Google Android and Chrome, first open the web browser and go to Once you are there and you have logged in with your user data, click on the menu Google Chrome (by clicking the icon with three horizontal dots you see next to the address bar) and choose the option “Add to Home Screen”. That’s easy!

Replace the Facebook app

This trick works with any web you want to access as if it were an app, but in the case of the mobile version of Facebook behavior will be similar to an application, and not just a mere shortcut.

Now you’re ready to uninstall the Facebook app and see how much your battery and your data consumption are optimized significantly.

Facebook Web App iOS and Safari

Similarly, if you have an iPhone or iPad the process is similar, but doing it from Safari. Visit the Facebook URL and then click on the icon in the center of the lower zone (with a square and an arrow pointing up).

Then, in the second of the menus displayed (bottom), scroll to the right until you see the “option Add to Home Screen”. You accept and see how a created shortcut icon Facebook that, at first glance, seems even identical to the official app.

Although its performance is not as fluid as the native application and integration tools are lost with the operating system, it is a good way to access Facebook without wasting battery or your data connection. At least while developers of this network put the batteries and decide once and for all to optimize an app that is still not up to a service so used.