9 behaviors that make you a good boss

You could start the article with a: “Based on real events” and I would not lie to you. If we look for information to be a better leader, organize and manage a team, we will find a lot of information, but the most interesting or, at least, the one that gives us the most credibility is the testimonies of people who have lived real experiences.

Good bosses are those who, in general, are also good people. Carrying out a large or small business can mean great productivity, success, money and also be a tyrant with employees.

9 positive behaviors and 1 negative

1. Be humble. Humility never hurts. In fact, we tend to remember those bosses who have never given importance to a personal achievement and know how to transfer success to the team. After all, I just would not have accomplished anything.

2. Be honest . What we value most is that they tell us things to face. With tactful diplomacy but no gossip about a possible dismissal, or any other rumor.

3. Be human, leave the prowess for superheroes . When your superior asks you to do something for him because he can not, he believes that you will do better or equal, he is demonstrating that delegating does not make anyone weak.

4. Be a leader who knows the problems of your employees. The most rewarding experience for a worker is to receive a salary commensurate with their work, but your boss, your boss …, send you an email asking about a personal issue makes you value the person even more.

5. I am a student for life. Something that produces between allergy and rejection is a boss who thinks he knows everything. It is impossible to know and control any subject. A boss who allows advice or asks for help proves his worth as a professional and person.

6. Be visible, you can not direct in the distance all the time. As employees, we know that kind of boss who goes for a coffee and does not come back in two hours. Then he will complain that the business is going badly. It is not about being 24 hours in the company, but a reasonable time to see how everything works.

7. Be the most motivated of the group. The workers are aware that it is a human being and has its limits but, if the leader is crestfallen and lamenting all day, bad matter. The boss or boss should transfer their enthusiasm for the project, and we know that it is contagious.

8. Be the one who knows every corner of the company. In the literal sense. The boss is like a good salesman, he has to know the product, and in his case it’s about the company. Knowing every detail, however little relevant it may seem, will be important at any time.

9. Be strict when you should. The company is not a fairy tale, every day are not good. And some issues such as punctuality, inappropriate behaviors such as using the mobile phone during work hours for personal matters, must be solved at the moment firmly. Everyone will benefit from a well-corrected bad attitude.

What is the negative behavior for a boss?

To summarize, do not carry out any of the 9 previous behaviors. The perfection does not exist or these previous points are the only ones to follow, but if as boss or boss you have never raised any, then it would not hurt to take a look at least one of the 9 suggested.