The new tool that should help to shut down fake news websites

Fake news can be distressing. It can even be quite dangerous to the general public, especially at times such as these when we need to rely on the news we read to understand how we should conduct ourselves.

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As such, it is great that there are tools being developed to shut down fake news sites. This should also offer reassurance when individuals and companies are looking to buy domain names.

What is fake news?

Fake news is information fabricated by individuals, groups or companies that goes viral and goes against true stories or guidelines. This can cause confusion, chaos or concern. The purpose of fake news sites is to misinform people rather than to inform them.

What is this fake news-busting tool?

Researchers in the field of academia have been working tirelessly to come up with a tool that can detect when a domain name has been created to spread misinformation and has the power to shut it down before it causes damage. While a new tool is being developed and tested with great success, there have been many alternatives over time to try to prevent misinformation on the internet, such as ad blockers, bot checks and bad news exposing sites.

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How does it work?

This method of catching the perpetrator early is achieved by studying browser behaviour and by studying the way the site has been set up, such as whether the registered user is private or the site has been newly set up or created after a specific event.

If you would like to fact check some news you have seen as an individual, Business Insider has some great tips on how to establish whether it is real or fake.

Why do we believe fake news-busters will work?

Researchers have been attempting to crack the code of online trolls and fake news sites for as long as the internet has existed; however, they now have more sophisticated tools to use in their studies and to help them decide which websites to be cautious of.