What is colour theory

We all have colours that we love and those that we are not that keen on. Whether it is a colour that we like to purchase clothing in or perhaps decorate our rooms, colour certainly brings about different emotions for different people. We are instinctively hard wired to respond to colours – the colour red for example has indicated danger for centuries and it is thought this came from the fact that many berries that are coloured red are poisonous.

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There are a couple of ways that we associate things in our lives with colour and it is important to think about these if you are thinking of designing a business logo or looking at the colours that you want to use in your business branding. A Brand Strategy Agency such as Really Helpful Marketing can help you further with this.

The first way that we derive meanings from colours is through natural association – this is what we mentioned above in relation to the colour red being linked to poisonous berries. It also includes the colours of trees and seas and oceans.

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The second ay is through cultural or psychological association – which is the way we associate colours with particular things in our culture, religion or through what we have experienced. This is similar to dogs being able to recognise the postman from the red uniform. This second way we look at colours can be more difficult to interpret and is often where more input from specialists, like the ones we have mentioned, is needed.