Starting up your Own Accountancy Business – What you Should Think About Before Going Ahead

If you have been an accountant for a long time and have decided the time is right to go and do it on your own, you may have many reasons for doing this. Working for yourself allows you more flexibility, both with your working hours and how you operate as a business. You can decide what sort of work and clients you want to take on, and you have a lot more freedom generally, so it is a good move.

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But it can be a risky decision – there is a lot to consider when setting up a business on your own. As an accountant, there is always a demand for this service, particularly at the moment where small businesses in particular will be looking for ways to save money as well as any financial advice that they can have to help them through these tricky times.

Before you do start up on your own however you should think about a few things before you go ahead and do it. Think about what sort of service you will offer and what software you will need to provide that service – such as this Intelliflo software for financial advisors.

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You also need to consider where your business will be operating from – for example, will you be working at home to start with? Do you have the adequate space at home to set up a good office, or would it be better to rent some office space elsewhere?