Five great digital advertising tips to try

Digital advertising and marketing are essential for any business in today’s world. Knowing how to successfully promote your brand and target your customers will help your business to grow and enable your brand to have a recognisable image and personality.

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There are ways to ensure your business and the services you offer are seen in the best possible light and by the right people. By using these tips, you will be maximising your exposure and results.

Look at the statistics

To see what works best for you, you need to be able to measure your results. This doesn’t just mean how many posts get likes and shares; instead, it means looking at which campaign produced the most sales and the size of your target market. Are you targeting specifically or doing a blanket promotion in the hope that it reaches the right people?


Facebook is free to use; however, building followers and likes doesn’t happen overnight. Taking advantage of Facebook advertising means you can target a specific audience and get your message across on a relatively small budget. Once you have an audience, it can do the job for you by sharing your content. This will help you to reach even more customers.

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Combined marketing

Whatever form of marketing you use, ensure it is consistent across your different platforms; for example, if you are doing a Facebook campaign, back this up with an email campaign and promote it on your website.

When designing a website, you will need hosting, so you will need to find a company who can provide this for you.

You should cross-promote your website on your other social media channels, such as Instagram and Twitter.

Localised marketing

This is especially useful for businesses that operate from premises that benefit from having customers in-store. By targeting local customers and offering in-store promotions, customers are more likely to visit the store and spend money. Professional marketing strategy consultants such as this company will be able to help you with this.

Get the listing right

When preparing any marketing material, make sure you include all the relevant information and your contact details. Customers will be put off if they have to find out information on a product or service themselves. Make sure the layout is clear, eye-catching and simple to read rather than just a block of text.

Stay proactive and reactive and make sure your brand looks modern and attractive.