I played 10 hours Dark Souls III and this is what I found

Since amended it my mistake last year to delve fully into the saga ‘Dark Souls’, I have not stopped counting the days until they put a sale ‘Dark Souls III’ .According to its director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, it is the grand finale of the series and after him, From Software will with other things.

We do not know if this Japanese study will keep his promise. What is clear is that this is a new chapter in the saga Souls and that can never be taken lightly. We already took ten hours and the final version and the prints could not be more positive for our joy.

We no longer seem so accessible (i.e. easy) and last Madrid Games Week 2015, when we tried it for the first time, although these changes are maintained over previous two installments, flirting on certain items with more than recommended ‘Bloodborne’.

I played 10 hours Dark Souls III and this is what I found

Ten hours go far: I’ve killed several heads, I have a lot of bonfires lit and unlocked many routes throughout Lothric. And they have killed me a few times.

Heading to the Fire Sanctuary Link

I had seen a video with gameplay though I spent oblivious to the past for not disembowel nothing else. Nevertheless, I knew everything was going to happen in the early stages of ‘Dark Souls III’ , with those enemies of little entity that would deal with my thief (class that repeat from the first ‘Dark Souls’ ) to the first fire, where shortly after would face the boss Index Gundyr and prove worthy.

This point, as in ‘Demon’s Souls’ and other chapters of the saga, is vital, because if we do not kill, not only cannot move forward but cannot level up.

As I said, he had seen a gameplay of the area and apparently the boss seemed easy. But I killed three times. And it is that the transformation of the end, very far ‘Bloodborne’ makes pupa.

Overcome that hurdle, the rest was a somewhat short walk up the long – awaitedSanctuary Fire Link , a place that has not been (yet) the damage of the first ‘Dark Souls’. For ‘Dark Souls III’, remember, it is its prequel and focuses on the Lords of Ash. Our goal is to hunt them down, of course, can check their names and the area that run from the thrones situated inside the Sanctuary Fire Link hits enough.

Another aspect is clear being in this temple is that we’ll use it the same way as the Dream Chaser ‘Bloodborne’. It will be our usual meeting point and that we all material at hand: a girl to level up, another to buy things and, of course, the well -known blacksmith first ‘Dark Souls’. And as we liberate more people, they will be covering the holes in the Sanctuary Fire Link more things.

Time to see the world: the Great Wall Lothric

Unlike happened with the first ‘Dark Souls’, after reaching the Sanctuary Fire Link automatically unblock teleportation between bonfires, which is much appreciated. Now, of entry, ‘Dark Souls III’ does not offer much freedom in the early hours. Lothric the Great Wall, our first destination will be in a very linear way until we face the boss who runs the gateway to the settlement of the undead.

It is, however, a small place. Also, it saves a significant hazard: a dragon that will not stop releasing flares by little we get closer (no, not the top). On this, there is another detail that I loved and that is to correct some defect of the first ‘Dark Souls’: the enemies are not so stupid. If we attack far away, they will come for us. This does not mean that they remain less intelligent than we are, to find other ways to trick them into serious trouble not put our lives.

The Great Wall Lothric, a place that had already shown Bandai Namco in that Madrid fair last year, is the first test of ‘Dark Souls III’, since no shortage of much more seasoned than we gentlemen they will kill us in a few touches. And I must say that in this case it has been more difficult to correctly perform the parries. If we unite, initially, we have very few bottles sets, rarely went to the stake reload … and back again until I started having a higher level.

More changes are evident in this chapter: there is no humanity. Failing has the Embers. And the effect has also changed. We can only use an Ember, at which time our signal invasion will become visible as Latent (goodbye a shy aura of fire), so we can invade other players (or NPC), but we can also invoke allies.

The Ember has more benefits since it increases our limit of PS (life) and also reset to the maximum. But we insist, we can only use once. If they kill us, we can return to use another Ember. The good news is that not depend on the fires for this. In the first had to compulsorily cancel the Hueco been using a point of Humanity. Then no problem with the Ember, at least, we have more freedom … but we cannot use it as a safeguard in battle, that there Humanity came in very handy to replenish life again and again if we had exhausted estrus.

By the way, the use of bottles estus has also changed. Now we have two types: one for life and one for the so – called PC (points of spells and skills, these use estus ash). If we are few reserves (as normal at first) estus, we can recharge killing a number of enemies, which is all a worthy detail appreciated. And if we expand the number of bottles, will have to achieve certain objects and increases the blacksmith us the maximum allowed. Then we can divide them as we please: more than life or PC.

I must say that in these ten hours of play I have not used much special skills ‘Dark Souls III’, another of his developments. More than anything because you have to do without other advantages. For example, a shield that does not make parries, but activates the special abilities of each weapon. Or just unequip the shield to activate the ability of the weapon. And that this kind of attacks is very powerful in this state, for the record. But for now, I’m not interested (especially having to do without estus for life, the PC is spent) although I delve into it later when I feel more comfortable.

Dark Souls III feels like coming home again

Returning to the Great Wall Lothric, his boss gave me two troubles because of another novelty of this issue: the frozen state. And we had taught From Software in various videos. The good news is that, like us enemies can apply that state (faster if we have little resistance), we can do the same with similar weapons. Or, you imbue in that state from the blacksmith, something very easy if you have the materials.

As I say, this boss killed me twice, reaching the third time lucky … But with help. Yes, with the active Ember, I called a Master spectrum to distract the head and killed him without problems. What came next was a whole wink arrival in Anor Londo not necessary to describe.

The new site which I arrived by a special transportation reminded me of ‘Bloodborne’. Look at the fire image and all enemies around him. Reminiscent of that initial area Yharnam, right? Well then it gets complicated because there I took several surprises, among beings large with disproportionate weapons, invasion of an NPC that almost killed me, or giant who kept throwing spears, redundant, they left in diapers knights Anor Londo, the first ‘Dark Souls’. Still, I got to his boss without many complications as expected (although I had a silly death testing the falling damage; here we cannot take those jumps so lightly, so much eye).

The head of this area is another of those who had taught their creators on multiple occasions and one of the largest of all ‘Dark Souls III’. The worst thing about this fight is that will not be alone, to have standard enemies prowling the area that can become annoying.

The first time I bit the dust when it was nearly half of life. In the second, there was a surprise, because the floor collapsed and the battle was already over short distances. And I killed, of course, because there were more estus me. Fortunately, I returned to fulfill the saying “the third time’s the charm.” I knew everything I expected, so when I trashed their vulnerable crashing down to the ground point, I was at the entrance. He fell and from above, by several firebombs, I damaged another of his vital points. Then I threw (surprisingly this fall does not hurt even so) and after a few seconds, I gave material.

A Kingdom that is expanding considerably

Before the third and final duel, the record, I wanted to venture into that tower giant lancer, and to my surprise, just after crossing the door of that place, I found the Onion Knight (Siegward Catarina), another old acquaintance of first ‘Dark Souls’ .This area, though, has very limited access at first, since their elevator does not go up. So we cannot go to the tower.

But at least, it serves to enable another access, the Way of Sacrifice. A place run by monsters, wolves and ravens mix with bad baba. Ironically, quite bearable.

I continued exploring the area, going deeper, until you find the Fortress of the way and run into two NPC who gave me the oath of Centinela Blue.

On this, I must say that the inventory is much more friendly and practical than previous Souls because we can change the menu from any oath. In addition, objects and elements are better organized (especially in shops, to divide groups).

We can equip three weapons (or shields) for each hand, as well while we can take up to four rings (but beware, also weigh; a little, quiet). The funny thing is that I have not yet had to repair the computer because it is repaired to rest in a bonfire. In contrast, there is an important limit of objects, such as arrows: the stop is at 99 in inventory and 99 in reserve (if we spend inventory to return to Sanctuary Link Fire replenished using those that were in reserve; think what happened with bales of mercury and others ‘Bloodborne’). Also, it was quite exaggerated the inventory limit in the first ‘Dark Souls’, we could have 999 arrows each type … I see the good decision.

Fortress the way he saw little more: the return of mushrooms, some enemies with a very long sticks, and some crabs by water that seem to indicate that there will be one of the leaders (at least in the launch trailer has seen one very large ). It will, of course, the area for which I will continue to deepen, to see what dangers (and shortcuts) hold me.

For now, impressions are extremely positive and we must keep in mind that is version 1.0. Because Bandai Namco has said that will patch the first day (April 12) that will correct some errors (typical of a launch of such proportions) and add multiplayer to invade the games of others (and vice versa). Will he succeed overcome the first ‘Dark Souls’? We will see. But it is on track.