Make your website mobile friendly

As technology advances and our love affair with mobile devices continues to flourish, businesses that fail to make their website mobile friendly will be left high and dry. It is not too late to get your website mobile optimised ‒ here is all you need to know.

Make your website mobile friendly

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Test your site

Firstly, make use of online tools and resources to discover exactly how mobile friendly your website is. According to Forbes Magazine, Google is now using mobile friendliness as a significant ranking factor. If you have noticed a drop in your search rankings, your site might not be properly optimised for mobile.

Simplify design

Making your site design simpler could improve the mobile friendliness of your website. According to Entrepreneur critical information placed above the fold, large font sizes, simpler page designs and big, touchable buttons all go a long way towards making your site mobile ready.

Avoid Flash

Content using Flash is not mobile friendly, so use other technologies such as HTML 5 if you want to include animations on your site. Make sure there are no scripts on your website that won’t work on a mobile.

Seek help from the professionals

One of the best investments you could make for your website is using crowdsourced software testing services from a specialist agency. For expert advice why not consult
Ditch the fancy fonts

If you want users to view your content easily on mobile devices, steer clear of fancy fonts. These take longer to load and the longer it takes to load a page, the higher the risk of a user aborting their search. Opt for standard fonts instead and make sure that font sizes are properly scaled.

Check page load time

How long it takes to load a page on your site influences how mobile friendly your website is. Avoid content that takes too long to load.

Use a responsive theme

One of the key features for optimising a website for mobile use is to make sure that a responsive theme is used on the site. A responsive theme is designed to change the layout of the site so that it fits the structure of mobile devices. You should also explore the use of different plugins.