Simple Ways to Start Your Business on eBay

Many people dream of running their own business or making a profit from their hobby. Whether you like rummaging through jumble sales to find antiques or collectable items to sell, make your own jewellery, blend your own beauty products or have old clothes or baby clothes to get rid of, you can set up your stall on eBay.
Millions of items are sold every day around the world on eBay and it is a very reputable company to use for trading. Big, corporate brands sell their products and services via the e-commerce company, so you will be in good company.

Simple Ways to Start Your Business on eBay

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There are many advantages to starting an eBay business. Not only can you trade around the world but you can also work from home at an hour to suit you.

We have some practical tips to share on starting out.

Start small but think big

The idea is to put a few items up for sale it could be anything from dummies to women designer jeans so you can get the hang of the procedure. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get too many enquiries at first. You need to build up trade. While you are waiting, you can put together a marketing plan or start thinking of the next items you want to sell.

Be disciplined about time-keeping

The temptation is to keep checking your eBay account, which can really take up too much time and be counter-productive. Set aside time each day or week to check your account, add new items for sale and answer emails.

Content is King

Make sure your sales pitch is clear and concise. Proof-read and spellcheck everything. Poor spelling makes you look unprofessional. Also take clear photos of your items against a neutral background so they really stand out.

Create a niche

Find out what you are good at selling and stick to it. Become a specialist so that once you have built up a following, people will know you as an expert in that particular field and trust you.

Building up trade

Once you get successful, you may consider using eBay templates to give a really professional look to your business. You can set up a complementary website to showcase your business and incorporate these eBay templates too.

When you have established yourself as an eBay trader, you could consider hiring an online branding expert to help you increase your customers and sales by creating a thoroughly professional Image.

Getting the price right

There are also useful tips on how to use eBay to find out how to price your items for sale and to see if there is a demand for them. eBay for Dummies says you can do a search for Sold Items Only by putting in key words in the search box and clicking on Sold Listings.

Once you start making money on eBay, you may be considered a trader and so will need to notify HM Revenue & Customs to start paying tax, warns This Is Money financial website.

Some people are making serious money selling on eBay and it is certainly worth the effort to make your e-commerce business look professional and a cut above your competitors.