Conveniently Bonding Your Metal Parts

Metal bonding adhesives are those high strength binding materials used to permanently bind metal substrates together without any damage. They are well characterized by thermal and mechanical properties and create smooth strong bonds between metal substrates. They are used for joining different metals, concrete or non-metals like wood etc.

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Metal bonding adhesives, such as those from CT1 available in the market include friction, thermoforming adhesives, solvents, epoxies etc. As they bond metals through melting or boiling, they have to be compatible with other additives used for bonding. In addition to bonding, these adhesives can also be used for forming thermoset parts, shrink wrap, shrink tube, foam and many other materials.

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Among the most commonly used metal adhesives used for bonding are iron oxides (rust-free iron oxide), zinc-sulfide and boron carbide adhesives. A wide range of metal adhesives are available and the choice depends on the type of bond to be formed, the applied conditions and the purpose of application. The most common types of bonding agents used in a wide range of applications are friction, thermoforming, shrink wrap, foam, shrink tube, thermoset, Solvent free metal adhesives, bonding acrylics, thermoforming rubber, epoxy and acrylate adhesives.

It is important that you look at what you need the metal bonding adhesive to do and then work with companies like the one mentioned above to find the right adhesive for your needs.