Dolby delves into the world of headphones to watch TV with the Dimension wireless model

We usually recognize the company Dolby for its sound systems for cinema and home cinema , for its audio codecs, certifications and lately for also entering the world of the image with systems like Dolby Vision.

However, now the brand seems to want to also enter the manufacture of devices and they will do it for everything great with the launch of a wireless headset that they have dubbed Dimension.

The idea of ​​Dolby to make room in the complex and saturated market of the headphones seems to be in a somewhat different approach, since according to it can be deduced from the press release they have opted to focus on the visualization of cinema content, series and programming conventional rather than betting on HiFi sound.

A headset designed to watch TV

That is, they have tried to make a headset with which to enjoy our hours in front of the television incorporating proprietary Dolby technologies aimed at improving the sound quality, the intelligibility of the dialogues and the use of the television either alone or in the company of the family.

For example, with Dolby LifeMix we can choose the amount of isolation of the headset using the built-in microphones to adjust the level of noise cancellation depending on whether we want a private listening or on the contrary we prefer to be more family listening to the comments of other people From the living room.

It will have tracking of the movement of the user’s head to achieve a more immersive sound , rapid change of source system by pressing a single button in the pavilion and advanced volume control of the sound track that according to what they say will allow you to finally forget the dialogues that are not heard or volume changes between programs.

As for the rest of the specifications, there have not been many more details, although it has been indicated that they will use drivers of 40 mm in diameter, it seems that they will use some version of Bluetooth and will have a wireless recharging system, as we can see in the video.

Price and availability

The new Dolby Dimension headset will arrive from December on the brand’s website and for a recommended price of $ 599 .